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Wednesday 6 January 2021

Sausage Songs

Some slinky sounds from New Orleans for you today, from the utterly magnificent 1976 self-titled album by The Wild Tchoupitoulas (and not, as I believed for many years, The Wild Chipolatas). 

The Wild Tchoupitoulas were members of one of the 'tribes' of Mardi Gras 'Indians' who take part in the Mardi Gras Carnival and various other parades, and a lot of the lyrics relate to those traditions. On the album they were backed by The Meters, which explains the funkiness.

"Big Chief Got A Golden Crown" - The Wild Tchoupitoulas

"Meet De Boys On The Battlefront" - The Wild Tchoupitoulas


  1. with a band name sounding like chipolatas, and what I thought was a first song about sheese, I was hoping for second song with a food.-related theme. Then I saw the song title.

    1. A song about Sheese? You mean like "Sheese About A Mover" or "Sheese Gone"? I have plenty of those if you want them

      If on the other hand you meant Cheese, not so many

    2. man alive Ernie I'm having to cope with deafness and an inabilty to spell. What a terrible start to the year

  2. What about that Lionel Richie song

    "Hello, is it Brie you're looking for?"