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Wednesday 27 January 2021

The Ragin' Trajan

Today I had been planning to plug a new release, but the release date seems to have been delayed so I'll hold on to that for now. With a gap in the schedule and absolutely no idea how to fill it I turned to the "this day in history" page on Wikipedia in search of inspiration.

The first entry for 27 January reads "AD 98: Trajan succeeds his adoptive father Nerva as Roman Emperor". Now that sounds suspiciously precise for an event that took place over 1900 years ago, and they were also on a difficult calendar back then. But it serves its purpose.

Here are a couple of tracks from "Firm Roots", the 1969 album by Alan Trajan (no relation - his real name was Robertson and he hailed from Livingston).It is very much in the style or Procol Harum and Pete Brown, and not bad at all.

"Dislocated Seaside" - Alan Trajan

"Time" - Alan Trajan

Other notable 27 January events include Dante Alighieri being exiled from Florence in 1302.


  1. That video is further evidence of just how great 70s fashion was. It's my birthday soon, my partner has a sewing machine, maybe......

  2. Like that "Time" track.

    Hadn't heard "Disco Inferno" since I used to shake my funky boogie thang in the 1970's...Burn that mother down. Yeah!

    1. Any photographic record of you shaking your funky boogie thang in the 1970s?