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Friday 22 January 2021

Rude Mechanicals

As an internationally renowned timewaster tastemaker I never regularly get asked what I think the next big thing will be, genre-wise. It's always hard to pick just one, but right now I would plump for Turkish blues-rap.

Is there even such a thing, I hear you ask. Why, of course there is. In fact earlier this week Denizli's very own Mechanical Rooster, one of the leaders of the scene, released their first single. You can hear it on the YouTube audio clip below, and download it from all the usual outlets. 

This being Friday I thought we should give you a bonus to help see you through the weekend. Sticking with the mechanical theme, here are a couple of tracks from Mechanical Bride's 2011 album "Living With Ants". 

I don't know much about her other than that her real name is Lauren Doss and she is still making music. This seems to be be her only album using the Mechanical Bride name. Very nice it is too.

"Colour Of Fire" - Mechanical Bride

 "Peach Wolves" - Mechanical Bride

We'll be back with more zeitgeist-busting sounds next week. Until then - more machines!


  1. Praise the lord! Seeing the word mechanical in your piece, I was really dreading that your video might feature that bloke from Genesis

    1. I do have SOME standards, George, as low as they may be