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Friday 26 August 2022

Apologies All Round

According to Elton John, sorry seems to be the hardest word. I think that tells you a lot more about Mr. John than it does about the act of apologizing. Plenty of other musicians from all over the world seem to manage it, even those arrogant enough to refer to themselves in the third person.

"I'm Sorry" - Esther Phillips

"I'm Sorry" - The Steelers

"I'm So Sorry" - Carroll Thompson

"I Am Very Sorry" - Kamai Ahmed (featuring Noor Jehan)

"Very Sorry" - Elijah Madzikatire & Ocean City Band

"Keith Sykes Is Sorry" - Keith Sykes

Apologies are due from me as well. The service has been a bit irregular round here recently and is likely to continue that way for at least the couple of weeks - there's lots going on in the real world, both work and pleasure.

NEWS FLASH. Stung by the discovery that even raging egomaniacs like Keith Sykes and Ernie Goggins can say sorry, Elton John has decided to give it a go himself. Over to you Elton... 

Still some way to go. Watch and learn, Elton, watch and learn.


  1. Hollies in the lead of the Worst Miming Seen Today competition

  2. Watching that Hollies clip stirred long dormant memories of a different, but similarly titled song (I'm Sorry Susan) by Barry Ryan, which I was quite partial to as a spotty 12 year-old, back in the dark ages of 1972.

    1. Never heard of it before but I was only a spotty nine year old then and lacking your mature musical sophistication. Here it is, especially for you:

  3. A masterclass of apologies there. I accept most of them! Do you happen to know which alb the Keith Sykes track is from - I wouldn't mind investigating that further. Thanks for a great post

    1. "All I Know". Here's the Spotify link:

    2. I've found a couple of things on bandcamp that feature Keith Sykes, ;


      On Lucky 13, the first Keith Sykes song is a belter!

    3. Many thanks for these links