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Wednesday 17 August 2022

Unloved Virgin

Personally I have nothing but admiration for Richard Branson and the Virgin Group. Their products and services are always reliable, excellent quality and reasonably priced while Sir Richard himself is a shy, retiring entrepreneur who seeks only to make the world a better place. And his decision to sue the NHS in a fit of pique because Virgin Care didn't win a contract a few years ago is one that I am sure all right-minded people would support. 

Unfortunately there appear to be a few Moaning Minnies out there with what I have no doubt are ill-founded gripes against his record company. Shame on them. 

"Virgin" - Prince Far I

"Ain't Gonna Suck Itself" - Cracker


  1. And he introduced Mike Oldfield to the masses.Well worthy of his knighthood

  2. He's in love .. you know he is, he really is

  3. I'm sensing you're not in line for a ticket on Virgin Galactic, Ernie...

    1. It's the prospect of a replacement bus service from the Moon to Mars that puts me off