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Wednesday 10 August 2022

Lamont Dozier RIP

The writer and producer of some of the greatest pop records the world has ever known left us yesterday. I could drone on about how great the songs that Lamont Dozier wrote by himself or with the Holland brothers were, but far better to let them speak for themselves.

RIP Mr Dozier. Thank you for the dreams.

"Thank You For The Dream" - Lamont Dozier

"Can't Get Off Till The Feeling Stops" - Lamont Dozier


  1. Another sad day but what an incredible legacy of songs that are pretty much all you need to know about what makes a perfect pop song.

    I'm very pleased you included Odyssey's cover of Going Back To My Roots. I loved the song when I first heard it but it was a long while before I knew that Lamont Dozier had written and recorded the original version.

    1. Its a great song isn't it? I might try to do a mini Single Song Sunday some time. As well as Odyssey and the original Richie Havens did the first cover version which is rather nice. There is a great hi-life version by Orlando Julius, who died himself a few months ago and who used to claim that the chorus ripped off one of his own tunes

  2. "Some of the greatest pop records the world has ever known." Indisputable.