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Wednesday 6 May 2009

Acoustic Heads

You will be pleased to know this will be the last rambling reference to my trip to Spain last week. From tomorrow, normal random rambling will be resumed.

Anyway we spent one night in Ronda, home of the famous gorge. It being a Sunday we found ourselves having to take shelter in a jazz bar for want of anything else being open, where we were entertained - if that is the word - by a dreary man with an acoustic guitar and a hairstyle more suitable to someone half his age. The only song I recognised was his rendition of "Heaven" by the Talking Heads.

When I got back to the hotel later that night I dug out my iPod and listened to Shawn Colvin's lovely rendition of "There Must Be A Place (Naive Melody)", in order to drive the horror from my head and remind myself that you can do the Talking Heads justice with just an acoustic guitar.

Here is her version.

And here is the original.

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