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Saturday 23 May 2009

The Work Of The Devil

When doing yesterday's post I noticed that the visitor count stood at 666 - the Number of the Beast. When I checked in this morning it had moved up to 668 - the Neighbour of the Beast.

These numbers are not significant - the 666th visitor came from Greeen Bay, Wisconsin which I imagine is about as far removed from Hell as it is possible to be while still remaining on Earth - but it did prompt me to dig out this little gem from way back when (1982): "The Devil Lives In My Husband's Body" by Pulsallama.

Somewhat to my surprise, I was able to find the original Pulsallama video in YouTube:

I have actually visited Hell. It is a short train ride from Trondheim in Norway and the only reason to go there is so you can go to Trondheim Railway Station and ask for a ticket "to Hell and back". Unless things have improved in the 15 years or so since I went there that will be the highlight of the trip. At that time it consisted of a garden centre, a fly-over and a petrol station where you could pay 10 kroner to get "Hell" stamped on your passport.

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