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Tuesday 12 May 2009

Spain: Brief Refrain

Last week I mentioned that I had picked up a couple of Isabel Pantoja cassettes while in Spain. My dear friend Mr Jackson has kindly digitalised them for me so I am now able to share a couple of tracks with you.

Isabel is considered the Queen of Copla (which I understand to be Spanish ballad form) and judging by her biography is quite a girl. She was married to a bullfighter who died in the ring, she had a subsequent relationship with a dodgy politician which resulted in her being arrested in a money laundering scam, and she was involved in a Madonna-style adoption scandal in Peru. Or as it says on her own website "Isabel's personal life is a romantic melange, a life with a soundtrack where happiness is tinged with tragedy". As you would expect with such a trooper, she is still going strong.

Today's selections are from her second album "Que Dile Y Dile", released in 1976. What I like about that album is the poppy arrangements, almost as if they had one eye on a possible shot at Eurovision (speaking of which, tomorrow we will start a three part run-up to this year's event on Saturday). I have chosen "Yo No Se Que Hacer" and "Embrujer Por Tu Querar".

And here is Herself in action:


  1. Hi.. i have all her original collection in CD.. why you digitalised? those songs are already in CD.. if you need help i help you out!

  2. I digitalised them because at the time cassette versions were all I had. I've put that right since. Thanks for the offer, though - very kind of you.