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Tuesday 26 May 2009


The power supplies at work were up the creek today. During the first power surge I got stuck in the lift, which was fun as you would imagine. When the second surge came we lost power completely, setting all the alarms off and requiring us to evacuate the building. When we got back in they had only restored power to half of the building, leaving those of us in the wrong half to search for free desks with working sockets to plug ourselves into. So there we were, roaming the floors like a raggle taggle band of "Electrick Gypsies".

Steve Hillage wrote a song about the same thing. Here it is.

That was on his album "L" released in 1976. It is a load of old hippy nonsense of course but I have always had a soft spot for it. As well as "Electrick Gypsies" it includes cracking versions of George Harrison's "It's All Too Much" and Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man". Here is a great clip of him performing the latter live:

Electricity was obviously topical in 1976 - was that the year of the power cuts? From the same year, here are 5000 Volts with "Dr Kiss Kiss":

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