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Tuesday 5 May 2009


Last Saturday I had the great pleasure of attending the annual Fiesta in the small village of Los Naveros, about ten miles from Vejer in Andalucia. After fairground rides and flamenco displays the evening culminated with a band playing what I presume were spiced up versions of well known Spanish songs - certainly the locals seemed to know all the words and movements. Here is half the band:

At the risk of sounding like a show-off, the music reminded me very much of uptempo Sertanejo, which is a sort of Brazilian country music. I know next to nothing about it but judging by the couple of CDs worth I picked up in north-west Brazil a few years ago, the fast songs are latin with a touch of country and the slow ones are country with a touch of latin.

Here is a fast one: Rick & Renner - "Rodeio E Vaquejada"

And here is a sort of mid-tempo one: Rio Negro & Solimoes - "Sapatio Sapatio"

And in a similar style, here are the confusingly named Gino & Geno (I'm not sure which is which):

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