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Monday 22 June 2009

For Maya

There was great delight in the Goggins household today after the safe arrival this morning of my latest niece, the beautiful Maya Elizabeth. This is for her.

The late great Minnie Riperton named her daughter Maya, and her big hit "Loving You" apparently started out as a lullaby for her. If you listen to her original version you will hear her sing Maya's name over and over at the end of the song. I was going to post it but assume most people have it already. So instead here is a lovers rock version by Janet Kay:

"Loving You" wasn't the only song Minnie wrote for her daughter. Her 1975 album "Adventures in Paradise" includes the next track, "Love And Its Glory". It is a fairy story about a girl called Maya with the message "if you find a chance to love/ you'd better grab it any way you can". And so say all of us.

And here is Minnie with the original "Loving You":

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