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Thursday 25 June 2009

Tom Paxton 6

As I am sure is the case with your own families, the extended Goggins family has wildly varied musical tastes - from my cousin who, like me, is a Van Morrison fanatic to my brother who, to his shame, once bought a Katie Melua album. The one person we all agree on is Tom Paxton.

My Mum and her sisters have been fans of his since he started and me, my siblings and my cousins all grew up listening to his music. He is part of our cultural heritage, if you like, and every few years we will hire a mini-bus and have a Goggins family outing to see him play live when he is in the UK.

Probably my favourite of Tom's albums is "6" from 1970. My old vinyl copy is suffering from the effects of old age and over-use, so I was delighted to discover that it has finally been released on CD by the Collectables label in the US. I managed to find a copy on EBay and it turned up yesterday.

The best known tracks on the album are probably "Whose Garden Was This?" and "Jimmy Newman", and rightly so. But with the notable exception of "Molly Bloom", they are all good. So here are a couple of minor gems from the album: "Crazy John" (a tribute to John Lennon) and "Annie's Going To Sing Her Song".

And here he is back in the days when he had hair:


  1. Is it possible to repost it? Thanks and here's the link for "Peace Will Come":

  2. Jose

    It will be a pleasure, especially after you kindly provided the "Peace Will Come" link. I will put these tracks up over the weekend but if you e-mail me on I'll send you a link to the whole album.

  3. Thanks a lot for your qick answer, I've some other albums from this great artist, almost forgotten, if you want I can upload them. However, in the you can find another album.
    Looking forward

    Long life to music

    José Carlos Carvalho

    PS I've send you a sms but failed, mine is