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Monday 1 June 2009

Silver Buckles On His Knees

Among the goodies I picked up in Madrid was a double CD of Mexican psych and rock from the period 1969-74 called "Ecos de Avandaro" (Avandaro being the Mexican Woodstock).

When I saw a track by a band called Lucifer I was expecting something fairly heavy, rather than something as sweet as "Fair Maiden". The words (in English) are occasionally difficult to make out due to the singer's accent but in the first verse the fair maiden appears to do a Humpty Dumpty - she falls over and can't be put back together again. And then comes the chorus which turns out to be "Bobby Shaftoe". Bizarre. Here it is.

Speaking of fair maidens, it was very sad to hear that Danny La Rue has died. I once saw him dining in a short-lived French restaurant in Bethnal Green (which made the local news - the restaurant not Danny dining there - when it was discovered they sold horse meat, so the owner put up a sign saying "As featured on BBC London").

Here is the great man with his theme tune. The original Paradise Row is also in Bethnal Green, but Danny is no doubt in a different Paradise Row by now.

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  1. Coincidentally, Mother Kelly's Doorstep was one of Barry Humphries' Desert island Discs a couple of weeks ago (an original live version by another old time musical star in his case). Clearly time for a re-release.