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Tuesday 2 June 2009

Home, Home On The Veld

I couldn't decide whether to post some South African music or some country today, so I split the difference. Here is some South African country music.

First up is an old favourite of mine, and someone we have featured here before, David Kramer with "Hekke Van Paradise" ("Gates of Paradise" in Afrikaans - the verses are in English, although a lot of the South African slang will be lost on most of you, and the refrain in Afrikaans translates as "why do the dogs bark at the gates of Paradise?").

Next we have Themba Msomi, the self-styled "Zulu Cowboy", with "Abafana". When my brother James gave me his CD for Christmas a few years ago I got quite excited as it had the potential to be something truly bizarre. In fact, he is rather more like the Zulu Don Williams.

I say Don Williams as if that is a bad thing - it's not. I have always had a soft spot for this one, although I don't understand why he felt in necessary to have a pop at the residents of Virginia.

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