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Wednesday 17 June 2009

More Standing Still

I managed to get one of the Belgian 1980s compilation at Brussels-Midi yesterday. This trip it was 1981. I now have 1981, 1983 and 1989 - only seven more to go and I will have an entire decade of Flemish favourites.

My interest in 1981 was piqued by the inclusion of "Do The Standing Still" by an outfit called The Employees. Given the unusual title I naturally assumed it was a cover version of The Table's classic 1977 single. But it isn't - it is a completely different song. Devious chaps, the Belgians.

Here are both songs. I know which I prefer, but what do you think?

I'll have a proper listen to the rest of the CD and return with more essential sounds from the Antwerp Underground in due course.

On a completely different subject, we had a visitor from Aruba yesterday - welcome! To my horror, though, my subconscious responded by lodging the phrase "Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya" in my head where it has been stuck ever since. So if I'm going to have to listen to "Kokomo" I think the rest of you should share my pain:

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