Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Big In Bohemia

Last week we brought you some Yugoslav electropop from the early 1980s. This week we are going back to Eastern Europe for some late 1960s Czech garage bands.

Two or three years ago I was visiting eastern parts of the Czech Republic - although it would have been central Czechoslovakia at the time these recordings were made - and while browsing in a small record shop in Pardubice I uncovered a copy of "Vychodocesky Big Beat 1963-71". Vychodocesky is apparently the Czech name for the region known in English as Eastern Bohemia, and the CD is a compilation of recordings by bands from the region. So all you self-styled bohemians (you know who you are, Mr Jackson) are about to be put in your place by some authentic Bohemians.

May I present, from Pardubice itself, Fantom with "Krizova Cesta" (1967). And from the historic town of Hradec Kralove, Veterani with "Polepsi Se" (1969).

Needless to say I can't find any of these bands on YouTube, so instead is something completely unrelated (and completely awful):

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