Saturday, 4 July 2009

A Cast Of A Thousand

Well it took nearly six months, but yesterday was a red letter day for 27 Leggies as we had our 1000th visit.

Whether you are one of our regulars in places such as London, Ipswich, Johannesburg, Ely in Nevada, and Sarnia (not Narnia as I thought at first)...

Or a one-time visitor from such exotic locations as Seri Kembangan, Mbabane, Oss, Apopka and Kock (no sniggering, it is a beautifully appointed small town in Eastern Poland)...

On behalf of all of us at Goggins Productions, THANK YOU

If you are thinking of thanking us in return that is very nice of you but there is really no need. In the words of Bobby Womack, "You're Welcome, Stop On By":

By my calculation, at the current rate we should reach five figures in August 2013. Tune in then for what promises to be a party and a half!!

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