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Friday 24 July 2009

Still In Scotland

Yesterday we featured "Willows of Carbeth" by Trembling Bells, Carbeth being in Scotland. Here are two more tracks with Scottish locations in the title.

You could not get much more Scottish the first one - Karine Polwart with a lovely version of the traditional song "The Birks of Invermay". This is from her 2007 album, "Fairest Floo'er".

The second is slightly less authentic but just as good in its way - "Angus of Aberdeen" by Beacon Street Union from Boston. This is from 1968 and I particularly like the line "The mountains are the vectors of my dreams". It sounds like it ought to mean something, but I have come to the conclusion it is probably just magnificent gibberish. But if you know better...

It is almost as authentically Scottish as this:

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