Thursday, 2 July 2009

It's Terry Time!!

Is there a name more redolent of a certain type of Englishness than Terry? Well, yes, there probably is, but that was a rhetorical question. What I mean is that - while I know there are Terrys and Thierrys all over the world - it is a name that has always seemed quintessentially English to me.

And here are two quintessentially English songs about Terrys.

First, Twinkle with "Terry":

Second, Vivian Stanshall with "Terry Keeps His Clips On".

There is another song by a quintessentially English band that starts "Terry meets Julie, Waterloo Station, every Friday night", but I couldn't possibly put something that well known on here. However it just so happens that Mr Stanshall also recorded a song about meeting a date at Waterloo Station. It is called "Blind Date" and I have added it as a bonus:

For the clip I had intended to post Kirsty MacColl with her own "Terry", but then I found this. For the benefit of some of our foreign readers, Terry "El Tel" Venables is the former England football manager and very much the sort of cheeky chappie you expect someone called Terry to be:

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