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Thursday 30 July 2009

Hungary, Georgia and Chile

The little counter down on the right has been whizzing away over the last few days with three new countries added to the list of visitors. The sharper amongst you will have deduced from the title of the post that they are Hungary, Georgia and Chile.

I was trying to think of a subject that linked the three countries to use as a theme for this post. The only thing I could think of linking Hungary and Georgia was that they had both been invaded by Russia (or the Soviet Union as it was in the 1956 invasion of Hungary). Not to be deterred by the possibility that it might be in bad taste, I ploughed on.

Wanting to find out if Chile had been invaded more recently than when the Spaniards did it way back when, I went onto Google and learnt about a quite horrific invasion the poor Chileans suffered in 2004 while the rest of the world stood by and did nothing.

I then remembered that all three countries produce wine, but by then I had already uploaded the tracks. So, as a tribute to those brave souls who suffered at the hands (or rather, the tentacles) of the hordes of Dosidicus Gigas, today's choices are "The Invasion Is Coming" by The Invasion:

and "Squid Jiggin' Ground" by Oscar Brand Jr. Jiggin' is the only language those squid understand, you know. And some would say it is too good for them.

And, like me, I am sure you can't resist a videoclip with the title "Scientists Defrost a 495 kg Squid !". That's a lot of calamari.

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