Thursday, 19 November 2009

Get Off My Land

I have just been having a meal with my Mum and Dad who are in town for a few days. I have inherited many things from my Dad - looks, charm, intelligence and the remnants of the family farm.

"Remnants" might be overselling it, actually. It is a two acre field in a not very scenic village in Wiltshire that I own jointly with my cousin. As we can't get planning permission we rent it out to the lady next door to graze her ponies. By the time we have paid the local solicitor to sort that out for us we are lucky to clear £15 a year each.

The field is one bequest I could have managed without. Others feel differently about their inheritance. Like the late Sonny Okosun, who took the question "Who will own Papa's land?" and wove it into twelve minutes of majesty.

"Papa's Land" - Sonny Okosun

"Papa's Land" was released in 1977. It wasn't the only musical Sonny/Sunny that year.


  1. You own a scenic village in Wiltshire? ......with your cousin?

    Once again, any excuse for a bit of Boney M.

  2. I do. As it happens there is currently a vacancy for village idiot. The job's yours if you want it.

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