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Wednesday 25 November 2009

No Clever Heading Today

Almost exactly three years ago I spent a week visiting the gin joints and record shops of the Eastern Czech Republic - Brno, Olomouc and Pardubice. Among the goodies I acquired was a compilation by folk-rockers Marsyas.

The album is misleadingly titled "1978 - 2004"; misleading because it includes several tracks from 1977 and only one after 1987. It is pleasant enough stuff. According to the Czech sleeve notes the vocalists were Zuzana Michnova and Petr Kalandra (I assume "zpev" means "vocals"). Petr was also a dab hand at the "foukaci harmonika", while Zuzana has more that a touch of the Sandy Dennys about her:

"Priste Se Ti Radsi Vyhnu" (1979)

"Podivam Se Zblizka" (1982)

Marsyas apparently took their name from a character in Greek mythology, a satyr who challenged the God Apollo to a music contest and lost. Here is another musical Greek God, in his post-Aphrodite's Child, pre-belly period:

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