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Sunday 15 November 2009

The Professionals

I was strolling down Whitechapel Road the other afternoon and stopped off at the little stall selling bootleg Indian and Bengali CDs for £2 a go - at that price I feel almost obliged to buy something I've never heard of in the hope it turns out to be magical.

This one wasn't bad. It is an album called "Majnu 3" by an outfit called The Professional Brothers, and it is a selection of remixes of Bollywood hits. Here are two of them:

"Mujha Neend Na Aaye" (featured vocalists: Neha Rajpal and Shaiz Billoo)

"Mein Tumse Pyaar Kerta Hoon" (featured vocalist: Iqbal Qureshi)

Here is the video for one of the other songs on the album. The photo on the cover of my bootleg version is very indistinct, but squinting at it I would say that the two burly fellers on the far left of the big sofa and probably the one on his own on the far right are the three Professional Brothers.

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