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Wednesday 7 July 2010

It's Lou!

I recently picked up a copy of Lou Reed's 1984 album "New Sensations" as part of a job lot of very cheap CDs. The only track from it I had ever heard before was "I Love You Suzanne". Based on that I had no great expectations but I was pleasantly surprised. It is not exactly shaking the very foundations of rock, but it is not bad at all. Here are a couple of the better tracks.

"Fly Into The Sun" - Lou Reed

"My Friend George" - Lou Reed

Two years later, Lou was involved in probably the most ill-conceived duet since Don Estelle and Windsor Davies massacred "Whispering Grass" (see the clip in the previous post) - the remake of "Soul Man" with Sam Moore (of Sam & Dave fame). Lou has many fine qualities, but soul is not one of them. Sam presumably needed the money.

In case you were wondering whether it was as awful as you remember it being - it was. Here is the proof.

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