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Sunday 4 July 2010

Singles Club - 12" Special

A return of our occasional series featuring assorted extracts from my singles collection. Today I have selected a few from my very limited number of 12" singles, almost all of which are either reggae, soca or 1980s soul. Which, coincidentally, is exactly what you are getting today.

Apologies for the jumps on a couple of these tracks.

"Galveston Bay" - Lonnie Hill (1984)

"Hot Hot Summer" - Johnny Osbourne (1987)

"Companero" - Mighty Gabby (1989)

"Hot Bubblers" - Sweetie Irie (1991)

And finally, the pick of the bunch:

"Can't Get Over Losing You" - Gregory Isaacs (Year Unknown)

Here's Gregory in action back in 1983:

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