Saturday, 14 January 2012

Fireside Favourites

It's a chilly old day here in London, the sort of day where I wish I had a nice log fire I could settle down next to. But you have to be careful with fire, because if you play with it you might get burned. So you need to make sure you have something or someone you can turn to if things get out of hand.

And that is sort of the story of these songs.

"Sitting By The Fire" - Gordon Haskell

"Fire Burning" - Bob Andy

"Fire Burning" - The Rockets

"Play With Fire" - Barbara & Ernie

"Fire Don't Care" - One Wolf

"How Do You Fight Fire?" - Dirk Hamilton

"You're My Fire Extinguisher" - Sir Victor Uwaifo

"Mr. Fire Coal Man" - The Wailing Souls

And if it does get out of control and they try to work out who was responsible, you can be sure everyone will be pointing fingers and passing the buck.

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