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Sunday 8 January 2012


My eldest niece Hannah has just spent a few days with me, having arrived to spend the next twelve months or so working in England. As you would expect of a Goggins she is an absolute delight, as are my seven other nieces. Here is a song for each of them, although I should emphasise that my niece Emily is a highly respectable young woman and not at all like her namesake of whom Gypsy sings.

"See Alice" - The Mummers

"Anna" - Arthur Alexander

"Brimful Of Asha" - Cornershop

"Ella" - M. Ward

"Emily" - Gypsy

"Hannah" - Hal Trotter

"For Jessica" - Jordan Klassen

"Maya" - Arik Einstein & Shalom Hanoch

Apropos of nothing at all, this is something that has to be seen to be believed (although even having seen it I am not sure I believe it).

And that is not the only reference to pretzels in Elvis's work. They crop up in this old standard as well.

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