Friday, 20 January 2012

He's Got To Be-ee-ee-ee-ee...

Last time out we treated you to Barry White's bizarre reggae version of 'Volare'. Have a listen to this. Is it just me but do the first twenty seconds lead you to think you are about to get a bizarre reggae version of 'Quando Quando Quando'. Fortunately it soon settles down into a decent Congolese rumba, but it is a scary moment.

"C'Est Mon Mari" - Carlyto Lassa

We will stick with the reggae a little longer. Over the last few days I have been listening obsessively to 'Hand Cart Bwoy' by the modestly named Perfect. Here it is with another one of his tunes, on which he is assisted by one Jeffrey Star. "Star" I like - it's aspirational like "Perfect" - but I do think the effect is diminished when used after "Jeffrey".

"Hand Cart Bwoy" - Perfect

"Ready When You Are" - Perfect (featuring Jeffrey Star)

We finish up with a short tribute to the mighty Etta James, who sadly died today.

"Watch Dog" - Etta James

And at the risk of overdoing the 'Hand Cart Bwoy' thing, here's the video. All together now: "Down the market me juggle pak choi...".

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