Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Start The Tsonga

Recently we have not really been living up to our mission to bring you the finest in Tsonga Disco. Today we start trying to put that right with some smooth Shangaan sounds from 1993.

But first I want do what I believe the young people call a "shout out" to my new friend Bram, better known to fans of cutting edge sounds as DJ Leblanc. Bram has very kindly sent me a copy of "Banana", the brand new album by the mighty Joe Shirimani, with Vana Va Ndoda. You can expect to see some selections from that up here pretty soon. Bram has also sent over a mixtape he did of some CDs he picked up in Giyani - the home of Tsonga/ Shangaan music - a little while back. You should definitely give it a listen.

I am extremely jealous of Bram as he has recently come back from a trip to Joburg where he got to hang out with such luminaries as Patson Chauke and Mr Jambatini, as you can see from the photos he has put up on Facebook. Apparently it was our feature on Mr J 18 months ago that led Bram to track him down. It is nice to know we played a small part in bringing them together.

Anyway, after all that introduction, let's get back to that 1993 CD I mentioned up the top. It is by a band called Magayisa - but billed as Magayisa C. Khosa on the sleeve, Chris Khosa being the lead vocalist - and is called simply "Shangaan Disco". It is that very rare thing, a Shangaan album that had an official US release - what a shame it wasn't the start of a Tsonga Invasion of the US charts.

The first couple of tracks are a little tame but they slowly ratchet up both the Shangaan and disco elements of the sound and by the time they get to tracks 5 and 6 things are really starting to cook. As you can hear.

"Nwana Wosaseka Watsakisa" - Magayisa

"Xinepe" - Magayisa

And if you are wondering why the name Magayisa sounds familiar, maybe you are thinking of this track by our old pal Loaf Boy.

"Magayisa" - Loaf Boy

We are going to forego our usual finish of a naff Top of the Pops clip from the 1970s for something special. The fact that you lot tune in here at all clearly means you are people of impeccable taste, so it follows that you must be fellow supporters of The Arsenal. I was at the Emirates last night to witness the return of God. I haven't stopped smiling since the 78th minute (or 1:50 as they call it on this video of the edited highlights).

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  1. I have been looking fot this for too long. thank you for giving this music a place on the intertional scene. I am not shangaane myself but during my high school yrs 93 -97 this is what we listened to. I have a few from some Shangaan artists