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Sunday 12 May 2013

All Over The Place

This will be the last you'll be hearing from me for ten days or so - stop cheering, it's not nice and nobody is forcing you to read this rubbish.

Anyway, there are multiple reasons for my impending radio silence. Tomorrow night we are off out to see William Tyler and Hiss Golden Messenger, which I'm looking forward to greatly. Then I head off to spend 24 hours in Moscow, followed by 48 hours in Dublin - both for work - before a relaxing long weekend in Wexford. That's where my people come from (on my mother's side, not the Goggins line, the Gogginses are all over the place).

So here is one each from the two performers at tomorrow's gig, followed by something from Russia and something from Ireland. Think of it as a virtual tour. At the end I have tagged on two tunes that have nothing to do with anything, but I have been grooving to them both today. Maybe you will too.

"The Green Pastures" - William Tyler

"Westering" - Hiss Golden Messenger

"Easter" - Inna & The Farlanders

"Here Come The Good Times" - A House

"Thula" - Ringo (not that Ringo, the South African one)

"Rukumbine" - Shenley Duffus

This is that Ringo

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