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Saturday 25 May 2013

Lady Eleanor

Our local, the Eleanor Arms, has recently - and rightly - been awarded the title of best pub in East London by Camra. Frankie, Lesley and Keely are the perfect hosts, and along with the fine beer and the convivial company you occasionally get some live music. Mostly it is jazz, which is not really my thing, but there is a potentially cracking gig coming up in a couple of weeks.

On Saturday 8 June the Dad Horse Experience will be performing there. Long-standing readers may remember we featured his distinctive German country gospel sound here a couple of years back when his album "Dead Dog on a Highway" came out, but if you missed it there is a taster below. The gig is a snip at £3 only. You should try to get down there. I'll be there if I get back from Bucharest in time.

Last night, for the first time I can recall since I have been going there, I witnessed someone being politely removed from the pub. The lady in question's attempts to ingratiate herself with Frankie had been a little too enthusiastic for his and Lesley's tastes. The remaining songs are dedicated to her.

"Keller Gospel One Man Band" - The Dad Horse Experience

"Keep You Hands Off My Baby" - Little Eva

"She's Got Baggage" - John Fogerty

"Crazy Lady Blues" - Sandy Denny

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