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Thursday 30 May 2013

Blame It On The Bogle

In real life I have the great pleasure of working with my sometime sister-in-law Pam (it's a long and confusing story). Pam has two real lives - one with us and the other as one-third of top female reggae harmony group, True Identity. After years of backing the likes of Marcia Griffiths, Dennis Alcapone, B.B. Seaton and others too numerous to mention, the ladies are finally releasing a record of their own. The launch party is on 30 June, and you can book your tickets by clicking here. I would advise you to book early as they are going quickly.

Pam and I had a fit of the giggles yesterday when we had a meeting involving a Mr Bogle. For those of you too young or too square to remember, the bogle was a reggae dance craze that swept the nation in the early 1990s. The mental image of the eminently respectable, and very white, Mr B bogling and carrying on as if he were Buju Banton was what set us off.

But you never know, maybe it was his sort of thing twenty years ago. For such was its popularity that as well as the likely suspects like Red Dragon and Ninjaman, there were plenty of old school acts like the Mighty Diamonds getting up and having a go.

"Do Bogle Dance" - Red Dragon

"Gun Bogle" - Ninjaman

"Bogle" - The Mighty Diamonds

"She Taught Me To Bogle" - F. Rankin' I-Field

If you don't know the dance, here is a gentleman talking you through the "foundational movements" of the bogle.

Here's a rather more entertaining - yet still instructive - reggae dance video. All together now: wind your body, wiggle your belly, dip and go down in the new stylee...

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