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Monday 6 May 2013

Tears In Your Beer

Since George Jones died recently I've found myself listening to him a lot, and also to the only two men who are in the same league as him when it comes to cheatin' and drinkin' songs - Merle Haggard and Gary Stewart.

Merle you will know, but it is possible you may not be familiar with Gary. While more of a rocker than the other two - on one album he was backed by the bulk of the Allman Brothers - it was with good reason he was called "the King of the Honky Tonks" when at his peak back in the 1970s. And like George Jones, he lived the live of which he sang.

Gary has been dead nearly ten years. He shot himself a few days after his long-suffering but much loved wife Mary Lou was taken by pneumonia. We still miss him.

"Out Of Hand" - Gary Stewart

"I See The Want To In Your Eyes" - Gary Stewart

"Quits" - Gary Stewart

"She Sings Amazing Grace" - Gary Stewart

Speaking of Gary's, the great Gary Johnson has today lead the mighty Yeovil Town to the play-off finals. Unfortunately I won't be able to get to Wembley as I am away, but I'll be scouring Wexford in the probably forlorn hope of finding somewhere showing the game.

For reasons unclear even to myself, this ones for Jamie McAllister and the lads.

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  1. New name on me Ernie but with a life story like that he can't fail to be good!