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Friday 3 May 2013

Purple People

After lingering most of the week in Mozambique, we are heading vaguely homewards, stopping off first in Greece, where they are celebrating the Orthodox Easter. Here is some excellent garage/psych revival courtesy of Purple Overdose and their great 1988 album, "Exit #4".

"Elevation" - Purple Overdose

"Yellow Mole" - Purple Overdose

As a Bank Holiday bonus, here is some more garage/psych purplosity - but from the first time round.

"Voices Green And Purple" - The Bees

"The Purple Cadger" - Robin Scott

"Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red" - The Sorrows

"Granny Takes A Trip" - The Purple Gang

And you can't really have a purple post without His Purpleness, can you? But we're not going for the obvious one.


  1. Lynchie from Aberdeen3 May 2013 at 22:42

    Wow - that takes me back. I remember "Granny Takes A Trip" from a Transatlantic sampler which had a whole bunch of acoustic stuff with the Purple Gang tune seemingly tagged on as an afterthought.
    Don't recall that particular Sorrows track, but I remember their slightly dark single "Take A Heart" from the mid-60's - a great pop song.

  2. Get on with you, Lynchie, you're too young to remember the mid-80s, let alone the mid-60s