Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tsonga Chongo?

We are going to stick with Mozambique for now, and introduce you to the music of the late Zaida Chongo. A big star in the 1990s in collaboration with her husband Carlos, she died in 2004 a couple of weeks short of her 34th birthday.

According to a mangled translation of an article in Portuguese on Wikipedia, "at one point marital disagreements and internal conflicts begin to take care of the couple when Zaida starts to get carried away by excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages", and it was this that led to her untimely demise.

Zaida was born in Xai-Xai in Gaza Province in southern Mozambique. The largest ethnic group in that province are the Shangaan (aka Tsonga). I'm not sure that I can technically justify labelling her music Tsonga Disco, but you'll spot some similarities.

"Alfandega" - Zaida Chongo

"Miela Ncata" - Zaida Chongo


  1. i a charlie masiku from malawi. i am sorry for the death of zaida. i did not know the language but her music i like so much until today. i was watching when i was at border with mocambique in mangochi malawi

    1. true my brother,i am from south africa, im loving this lady so much and her songs and also love the country,i used to visit there every december.i've tried to download her songs but i couldn't...please help me.

  2. Her music is very emotionally
    Touching soul