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Saturday 27 September 2014

... And Mac

Maybe I need a break, or maybe I just need a break from attempting to come up with themed posts, but the fact I even considered "people whose names rhyme with 'orris'" as a theme must be a cause for concern. Still, here it is.

Mac is obviously the odd person out here. Let's give him a bit of attention so he doesn't feel left out. His full name is McLauren Green. Him and Maurice started out in the Radiants before setting up as a duo. Inexplicably, "You Left The Water Running" was not even a minor hit, and nor were any of their other singles.

Maurice is Maurice McAlister. Borys is Borys Benzo, Doris is Doris Svensson and Horace Faith is really Horace Smith. Now you know.

 "Ves Como Lloro y Me Dejas" - Borys

Grey Rain of Sweden" - Doris

Black Pearl" - Horace Faith

You Left The Water Running" - Maurice & Mac

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