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Friday 5 September 2014

Hurdy Gurdy Honky Tonky

I am off to Malmo in the morning to have a look around, then on Monday I'm heading over the bridge to Copenhagen for a couple of days work. I don't know if they have any honky-tonks in Malmo, but if they do that is where I'll be tomorrow night.

"Honky Tonkin'" - Gary Stewart

"Honky Tonk Man" - Johnny Horton

"Honky Tonk Women Love Redneck Men" - Jerry Jaye

"Honky Tonk Song" - Webb Pierce

"Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy" - Jonathan Edwards

Come to think of it, this lot were from Sweden, weren't they? Maybe it will be a quiet night in after all.


  1. I've seen The Bridge Ernie - be careful
    Have always loved that Johnny Horton song

  2. There is a good rockabilly-ish band from near Malmö from 20-25 years ago called Wilmer X. They sing in Swedish. A good double album is called Mambo Feber. Best tracks: Sorger på parad, En hel värld hemifrån, Brev från de sju haven