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Wednesday 10 September 2014

From Malaco Via Malmo

I had a bit of a disappointment when I was in Malmo at the weekend. I found an excellent second-hand record and comics shop just off Lille Torg which had some boxes of intriguing Swedish vinyl albums from the 1970s and 1980s going for about £1.50 a go. Rather than lug them around with me while sightseeing I decided I would pop back there at 4.30pm to snaffle a few. It was only when I returned that I discovered that pretty much all the shops in Malmo shut at 4pm on Saturday and don't reopen until Monday. So they are all still there, calling me back.

I did not return completely empty-handed though, because on my first (and, as it transpired, only) visit to the shop I picked up a CD. Titled "Malaco Soul Brothers Volume 1", it is a collection of tracks recorded for the Malaco label in the earl1970s by Chuck Brooks and Joe Wilson. Very good it is too. Here is one from each of the lads.

"You Can't Be In Two Places At One Time" - Chuck Brooks

"Sour Love, Bitter Sweet" - Joe Wilson

One of the albums I had been eyeing up was by Svenne & Lotta. Possibly a narrow escape. Love Svenne's outfit though. And hair. And "dancing".


  1. A narrow escape indeed Ernie although the Malaco stuff is top stuff

  2. Isn't it a pity you don't get outfits and music like that anymore? The 1970s were such a terrific decade. And do you think that Svenne looks like The Sweet's Brian Conolly in a wig?