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Sunday 14 September 2014

Queen Karine of Nineveh

Here at 27 Leggies we are remaining strictly neutral as regards the impending referendum on Scottish independence. Plans have been made to move my Proclaimers and Jimmy Shand albums into the "World Music" section of my collection in the event of a "yes" vote, but that is simply a precautionary measure.

I had thought about doing a Scottish special based on my ten most listened to Scottish acts according to my stats. It turns out most of them are either ones that I have featured here plenty of times before (like Frankie Miller and the Incredible String Band) and/or pretty well known (like The Blue Nile). But there one name on there that may not be familiar to some of you, and that is the marvellous Karine Polwart. If the Scots do vote for independence and then decide they no longer want the Queen as head of state, she wouldn't be a bad replacement.

"Follow The Heron" - Karine Polwart

"The Sun's Comin' Over The Hill" - Karine Polwart

Whatever the outcome of the referendum, I worry about what the future holds for Gallagher and Lyle. It appears there is one in each camp (either that or they are both "don't know"s).


  1. Karine is one of the leading advocates for Yes Ernie so I think your badge of neutrality has slipped.
    She is also excellent live if you ever get t he chance to see her

  2. If she can get a visa to play down here, I'll be there

  3. Re. the re-categorising of my bagpipe tapes and The Associates, would I have to put them in the World Music section? Or, as a Scot, would it have to come in the Native Music section? Guidnace required.

  4. Just to clarify: are the two things separate, or is it a single tape of Billy Mackenzie with bagpipes? If the latter I would like to hear it (although possibly just the once)

    1. If only it was The Associates Play The Bagpipes. imagine Party Fears 2 done that way......better than my Pan Pipes Play The Beatles i would bet