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Monday 29 September 2014

Malagasy Monday

Some top tunes from Madagascar for you today, folks, courtesy of a compilation called "Feedback Madagascar". If you like these two - and being people of great taste and refinement I know you will - I would strongly encourage you to buy the whole album from Bandcamp as 50% of the proceeds go to support charitable initiatives in Madagascar.

"Tsy Hagnaligno" - Zambey

Maintsokely" - Oladad

Any of you with a small nephew whose idea of entertainment is watching the same blessed DVD over and over again will immediately understand the relevance of today's video selection. This one's for you, Caleb.


  1. Just catching up whose two tracks are fantastic....update just bought it! The rhyming with orris feature is fine, and I look forward to the next rhyme, what about rhyming with "oggins"??

  2. Be very careful what you wish for, George. I may just cut loose, footloose, kick off my Sunday shoes...