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Thursday 18 September 2014

Massive in Maputo

There is much talk of independence today. That is not surprising, as next June it will be 40 years since the good people of Mozambique shook off the colonial yoke of Portugal and became a free nation.

To mark the occasion, here are a couple of tracks from an excellent compilation called "Tales of Mozambique". If you think the Rosalia Mboa track sounds a bit like the Tsonga disco that we treat you to every now and then, it is possible there is a good reason. There are a lot of Tsonga folk in southern Mozambique. Whether Rosalia is one of them I don't know, but she may at least have been influenced by their music.

"Umunghani Ma Wani" - Rosalia Mboa

A Beleza Da Repriga" - Alexandre Langa

If you type "Mozambique music" into YouTube, you quickly come across the works of one Anita Macuácua. I have never heard of her before, but this one is quite jolly.

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