Monday, 30 March 2020

Mellow Monday

Some soothing sounds for you this morning. 

Will Beeley is a Texan singer-songwriter who made a couple of albums in the 1970s and then had to focus on making a living and raising a family. He was rediscovered a few years back by the good folks at the Tompkins Square label, who reissued his old albums and got him back in the studio for first time in forty years. 

The new album, "Highways And Heart Attacks", came out last year and is well worth checking out. But my favourite is 1979's "Passing Dream", which both of today's selections come from. I have been listening to "Sailin' With You" a lot recently. I think its better for me than watching the news too much.

"Sailin' With You" - Will Beeley

"Rainy Sundays" - Will Beeley

There's obviously something in the water in Texas that produces that sort of sound.

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