Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Friends of a Friend

I am now a Facebook Friend of David Olney.

After my recent post about Barry Marshall-Everitt, Mr F sent me a list of Barry's Facebook Friends - see the comments on:


David Olney is on that list. I once bought him a pint after a gig in London which I reckoned made me just about his best mate by Facebook standards. So I contacted him and he agreed. I have not exactly joined an exclusive club - there are 550 of us and rising - but I am proud to be there in between Monty Hobratschk and Sheila Hopkins Hoeppner*.

Monty and Sheila, while no doubt lovely people, are not names I recognise (and in Monty's case not a name I can spell). But there were plenty of others on there I had heard of and long admired. Here are two of them.

Vince Bell - "Best Is Yet To Come" (from "Texas Plates", 1999)


Kevin Montgomery - "Another Long Story" (from the album of the same name, 2000)


And here is a video of my mate Dave himself performing "Big Cadillac":

* The astute amongst you may have noticed that Goggins does not fit alphabetically between Hobratschk and Hoeppner and jumped to the wrong conclusion. To clarify - Ernie Goggins is my real name, but for Facebook purposes I use a ridiculous pseudonym to avoid being pestered by sad individuals wanting to be my friend on some flimsy pretext. Mr Olney might want to consider doing the same.

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