Saturday, 4 April 2009

From Norfolk to Nigeria

As a bridge between yesterday's post and Monday's burst of Mpharanyana - which incidentally will be the last for a while (although he'll be back later in the year after a well-deserved rest) - today we visit 1960s Nigeria where people were getting up to all sorts of funkiness.

First up is Orlando Julius with "James Brown Ride On". This is from the album "Super Afro Soul".

Next is Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats with "Let's Have A Party" from the album "Heavy Heavy Heavy". He was originally from Sierra Leone but moved to Port Harcourt in Nigeria in the 1960s and remained there until his death last year.

Both these albums are available to download on EMusic, and the Geraldo Pino one is also on iTunes.

Both Orlando Julius and Geraldo Pino were apparently early influences on Fela Kuti. Here is the man himself in concert. The clip is not the greatest quality but it is about the only one I could find.

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