Friday, 24 April 2009

Going Fishing

I am going on holiday tomorrow so this will be the last post for ten days or so.

I am off to Spain to stay in the decaying villa of a down on his luck minor English aristocrat, so thought it appropriate to leave you with some music from Spain. But this is not Spanish music - Ruper Ordorika is a Basque and Joan Manuel Serrat a Catalan, and they sing in their respective languages. Here is one of each.

Ruper Ordorika - "Alberto Caeiroren Bizita"

Joan Manuel Serrat - "Els Falziots"

I have been to Spain a number of times before. But not everybody has:

I will be taking down all the February links when I get back so fill your boots while you can. And there will be lots of exciting new stuff - my new Tsonga Disco CD should have arrived by then, and I'll have to plan some special Eurovision feature in the run up to the big day on 16 May. So stay tuned!

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