Monday, 20 April 2009

Today's post is brought to you by the Letter K

The only thing today's tracks have in common is that all the performers begin with the letter K. And for that reason alone this post is dedicated to Kat at "Keep the Coffee Coming", one of the brightest stars in the blogging firmament.

First up is some 1970s Korean pop from Kim Jung Mi. According to whatever blog I found this on originally - apologies to them for not giving them proper credit - the title translates in English as "Mi Ga Na Da Ka Ma Ba, My Loving Korean Alphabet". I say "English" is the loosest sense of the word.

Next is one of my favourite Afrikaans troubadours - there are several, honest - Mr Koos Kombuis. This is a rocking, reggae-tinged number called "'n Kaartjie van Koos", taken from an album he made with Valiant Swart (he is one of the other ones). The title translates as "A card from Koos", and it is an extended apology to a young lady of his acquaintance. I won't translate the much-repeated line "Ek weet ek was a doos" directly as the last word is a bit rude, but the gist of it is "I know I was an idiot".

And finally, some 1970s Swedish folk-rock from Kebnekajse. I don't know much about them other than that they were named after the highest mountain in Sweden. I found a "best of" compilation for a couple of pounds in a street market in London a few years ago, but all the liner notes were in Swedish. Anyway, this particular song is called "Rattvikarnas Ganglat" and features a lady gargling. That is what sold it to me.

How kontrived.

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