Friday, 3 April 2009

Funky Norfolk

To get us into the mood for the weekend here are some funky sounds from Norfolk, Virginia. They are from a compilation called “Ol’ Virginia Soul: Encore” that I bought at the Virginia State Library in Richmond on a visit there a couple of years ago – much more impressive than my local library. It is one of a series of three compilations of obscure 1960s and 1970s soul from Virginia. They are all available from along with a lot of other Virginia themed goodies like a four volume collection of garage and psych called “Aliens, Psychos And Wild Things”, featuring the likes of The Perpetuated Spirits Of Turpentine, which I really must save up for.

Anyway, first up is The 35th Street Gang with “I Was Born To Be A Drummer”:

And second up is the magnificently named Little Wink & Eddie’s 25th Century Gang with “Peacock”:

After strutting like a peacock, what could be more natural than waddling like a duck. Because that’s what you do when you do the Hucklebuck.

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