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Friday 17 April 2009

Tsonga Disco (3)

Exciting news on the Tsonga Disco front. My collection is about to double in size.

I have ordered two more CDs from the excellent South African online music store One World. There is a link to them in the right hand column and if you like the South African stuff I have posted up to now I would encourage you to investigate further. The postage costs are pretty steep - presumably because they don't feel able to entrust delivery to the South African postal service - but the CDs are very reasonably priced so the overall cost works out OK (at least from the UK with the current exchange rate).

I have ordered another Joe Shirimani CD and one by Thomas Chauke. Mr Chauke is apparently one of the biggest names in traditional Tsonga music, having recently released his 29th album. Whether traditional Tsonga music bears any resemblance to Tsonga Disco I don't know, but we'll find out soon. I will post some tracks from both CDs when they arrive.

But to keep you going in the meantime here is a track apiece from the two CDs I have already.

First is Joe Shirimani with "Marabastad 2". This album - Miyela - is available from One World.

And next is Madlaks with "Ndhlo Ndhlo" (and before you start bombarding me with e-mails on the subject, the answer is yes - this is the remix tagged on to the end of the album, not the original version. I'm surprised you need to ask)

As with my previous Tsonga Disco posts we finish with a Joe Shirimani video from YouTube. This one is "Ncomani". This appears to be the last of his videos on there, so we may need to think of something else for next time.

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