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Sunday 13 September 2009

Barry Who?

Barry Normal & The Camels, that's who.

This is by way of a tribute to all those bands I have seen over the years who could put on a good live show but for whatever reason - lack of luck, persistence or that indefinable spark - never made it beyond the local circuit. It is probably just a sign of me becoming an old fart but, like proper pubs, they were the sort of outfit you took for granted because you assumed they would never be in short supply but that you appreciate more now that they aren't.

Barry Normal & The Camels were stalwarts of the South London post-punk scene of the late 1970s who shared a stage with the likes of the Monochrome Set, Classix Nouveaux and Eddie & The Hot Rods. Needless to say they have their own MySpace page these days where you can find more details if you are keen.

The only recording of theirs I have - possibly the only recording that remains - is of a gig in Hammersmith in 1979. It was done on cassette and the sound quality is truly appalling - barely audible at points. But never mind the quality, feel the energy. Here is "Girl Of My Dreams".

As a bonus, from the same era here are the slightly better known (and better recorded) Delta 5 with "Anticipation".

Needless to say there are no Barry Normal clips anywhere, but sticking with the camel theme here are the Sopwith Camel with "Hello, Hello":

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